July 28, 2009

Update From My Foster Home

Hi there! Read what my foster family has to say about me. I know I'm the perfect one for your family.

She got a bath today and some more trimming....After the bath, she ran around the back yard like her tail was a puppy.....by the way, she's picked up some weight, and we walked her around a different area of our block. She seems a bit intimidated by other dogs barking at us while she was walking with us. On the other hand, she and Rudy are good buddies now. She's a little sweetheart. Last night, after she was fed, I let our guy into the TV room, where he and I usually veg till bedtime. I did let O into the kitchen with the gates up. She simply laid down on the dog pillows and was a sleeping princess. Didn't try to get into the trash, pantry, etc.....just a good little girl. This evening, after work, I let the pups out of screened-in porch. I picked up a "doggy toy" and threw it close to her. I then jogged toward her and she did the old, "fake picking up the toy", wagging her tail, put her butt close to the ground, did a couple of circles, then started running full speed in big circles. I tried running at her and she "dodged" me at the last second, ran to a spot then laid down with paws in front till I went over and petted her. She has some puppy left in her, but probably not sure how to play, (or maybe I don't). This girl
needs someone who will spend time with her. I wouldn't doubt she is looking for a best friend.

She does run in the backyard several times. Our Rudy is trying to play with her. She is eating everything we give her, and my wife has commented that she looks like she has gained some weight. She is good with other people, dogs, and kids. The last two nights, both dogs have slept on the back porch (locked into screened in area), she in her kennel, which we've left the door open and Rudy on pillow next to her kennel. They go to sleep there and when I get up in the morning, they are still in their respective spots. I suspect shes had some potty training sometime in her past, as we haven't had any issues yet.

Now, after reading all of this good stuff on me, don't you agree, I belong in your family?