July 14, 2009

First Day At My foster Home

We let Ophelia do as she liked while we were working in the backyard today, and noticed some interesting things. First, she is certainly birdy. She chased a couple of robins back into the trees, also pointed a chipmunk in the next door neighbors yard. She has a petite bite, when offered treats, she does not lunge, but takes only the treat portion from your hand. We believe she may have belonged to a man, as she definitely wags her tail more when I am around than my wife. (She even gave me a couple of kisses already, so I think someone must have spent some time with her in the past). She is already coming to me, when I call her (except when she was pointing the chipmunk...but thats a good sign for a dog of her genetics). She is a good eater. She enjoyed her brushing and really likes her belly rubbed. We haven't heard her bark yet, and each of our neighbors dogs have certainly barked at her. More updates later. Again, thanks to everyone who helped this girl.